Pararescue Challenge

This aint hell, but you can see it from here ….

The Air Force Pararescueman (PJ) is the US Air Force's ground special operations combat medic specifically trained to rescue fallen military members in all branches of the service. While many other special operations units note their successes by how many enemy soldiers they kill or capture, the Air Force PJ is trained to primarily save lives.

The physical demands placed on the students, accompanied by a lack of sleep, produce a stressful environment. The extended training day is designed to introduce students to the rigors of operations and promote team building. It approximates what a day would be like for pararescue specialists, especially those in combat situations. It's intense because it needs to get as close as possible to the chaos of the battlefield.

Before the training course is complete, the students will know exactly what it means to be pushed to physical and mental limits without the benefit of a full night’s sleep. The "extended training day," also known as Hell Night, is a highly intense workout of near-constant moving or discomfort for a solid day and night.

Pararescue school is one of the most difficult things in the world. The dropout rate is about 80%.

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