P Company Challenge


Taken straight from The Parachute Regiments P Company we push you to your limit as you take on the challenge of the ultimate Airborne Forces event. From the moment you arrive you acquire 'Recruit' status and for the next few days will be taken out of your comfort zone and set a series of challenges in a military-style environment.

Directing Staff (DS) are picked specifically to instruct on the Challenge and are taken from The Parachute Regiment and the wider Infantry. Many will have served on Operations in Northern Ireland, Bosnia and more recently, Iraq and Afghanistan. Their role is to train and assess your suitability to start the Parachute Regiment Combat Infantryman Course.

Like sleep? You'll learn to love it
On this Challenge, discard the concept of time. You are either working or not. When you work, your body is put through such stress and trauma that once you have down time sleep becomes your best friend. Take it while you can. You never know when you will next get the chance.

Like food? Read my last
Speed eating becomes a survival instinct; indigestion indicates fulfilling this most important of tasks. Leaving food is as taboo as having a dirty weapon. Don’t do it.

All events are scored, except the trainasium event which is a straight pass or fail

  • 10 Miler
  • Tranaisium
  • Log Race
  • 2 Mile March
  • Steeplechase
  • Milling
  • 20 Mile Endurance March
  • Stretcher Race

Three days of mud, sweat, pain, tears. Are you tough enough to take on the Airborne Forces ?

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